About Us

Larison’s Corner Presbyterian is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  We are followers of Jesus Christ and celebrate Christ as Head of the Church.

With other Reformed Christians, we believe that God became known in human history in three ways, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, known as the Trinity.

Presbyterians are guided in their common life together by the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God written, the unique and authoritative witness to Jesus Christ. Where this Word is read and proclaimed, Jesus Christ, the Living Word, is present by the inward witness of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the reconciler of God and humanity. By His death on a cross, He obtained forgiveness for all wrongs. By Christ’s resurrection, we believe He offers new life and eternal life.

Presbyterians affirm that God comes to us with grace and love in the person of Jesus Christ, who lived, died, and rose for us so that we might have eternal and abundant life in him. As Christ’s disciples, called to ministry in his name, we seek to continue his mission of teaching the gospel, feeding the hungry, healing the broken, and welcoming strangers. God sends the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, giving us the energy, intelligence, imagination, and love to be Christ’s faithful disciples in the world.